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Wes's newest release, Stubborn Hope, available August 2022. This is a USB thumb drive for all of you who don't have CD players in your car!


PLEASE NOTE: All USB drives will have 20 tracks on them. While there are only 10 songs, there is an MP3 and a WAV version of each song. Some players recognize only MP3 or WAV, so both versions are included. Some players will recognize both file formats, so 20 songs may appear. 


Track List:

1. On and On

2. Feeling at Home (featuring the Gaither Vocal Band)

3. A Father's Love

4. Blame it on Hope

5. Gettin' Ready to Breathe

6. Some Places

7. I Don't Belong (Sojourner's Song)

8. Love Will Have the Final Say

9. Always a Place at the Table (feat. Guy Penrod, Marsh Hall, and Bill Gaither)

10. No Other Name But Jesus 


Produced by Wes Hampton and Kevin Williams

Stubborn Hope (USB Drive)

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