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A few more favorite things...

5. Salt Cellar: I LOVE my salt cellar. I keep it out next to my cooking range. It has an easy-open lid that keeps the salt dry. I always use kosher salt because it's much easier to work with than the regular table salt. I grab a pinch and season away. It's really great for seasoning meats, especially when you want to get a great crust on the outside of a piece of steak. With table salt, you can't get dissolves way too easily. I use table salt in a salt shaker at the table, but I prefer Morton's Coarse Kosher Salt for seasoning while cooking. And, this particular salt cellar comes with the cutest little spoon you've ever seen.

6. Biscuit Cutters: There's not much explanation needed for this one. I love that there are various sizes of cutters in this RSVP set, which are quite sharp, by the way. I also use the smallest cutter to make dumplings. These can even be used to make homemade donuts or to cut out ravioli.